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Sample Notary Forms


The ACKNOWLEDGEMENT is a notary's most frequently used document (or wording on a document).  The state of California requires particular formatting (such as the box around the "disclaimer") and wording.  Notaries need enough room for a solid imprint of their stamp without covering ANY printed material (including the word "SEAL").


Another frequently used notarial document is the JURAT ("It has been sworn" in Latin), which is used when someone is required to swear an oath or affirm the truth of the document.  Also, the signer MUST sign the document in the presence of the notary and only at the time of notarization.

A copy certification, such as the one above, can be used to verify that a document (such as a diploma) or a copy of a document is an accurate reproduction of the original - as sworn by the document custodian (such as the person in charge of the original document).

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