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  • Affidavits, Liens, Contracts, and Lien Releases
  • Busy Executives
  • International Adoptions
  • Loans & Trust Documents
  • Home-bound, Hospitals and Care Facilities
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M M Mobile Notaries



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Services and Fees

M M Mobile Notaries provide Notary Services in the convenience of your own home, workplace or care facility.

The State of California establishes the maximum fees for Notarial Services. All of our fees adhere to those regulations. Travel fees are not specified by law and are at the discretion of the Notary Public.  


M M Mobile Notaries is committed to serving you cheerfully and professionally at a reasonable cost.

Notary Public Services

Signature Notarization 


Notaries Public are commissioned by the State to 

    •    verify individual identities and signatures, 
    •    administer oaths and affirmations, and 
    •    certify the authenticity of certain legal documents.

A Notary Public is not an attorney and may NOT offer legal advice.



When you're not able to go to a notary, have one come to you - call 760-798-9666 for an appointment!  

Travel and Service Fees

Notary Service Fees

The State of California establishes the maximum fees for Notarial Services. All of our fees adhere to these regulations.*   


M M Mobile Notaries charge $15 per Notary stamp per notarized document, including the following:

    ◦    Acknowledgements
    ◦    Oaths and Affirmations
    ◦    Jurats
    ◦    Power of Attorney
    ◦    Certified Copy of Power of Attorney
    ◦    Deed of Trust, Grant Deeds
    ◦    Lien Releases, Contract Affidavits
    ◦    Revocable Trusts
    ◦    Trust Creation and Amendments


Please note that M M Mobile Notaries charge only for the Notary's stamp/signature, plus the Travel fee (see below).

     *Pursuant to California law, no fees are collected for notaries public appointed to military or naval reservations, for verifying any nomination document or election circulator's affidavit, or from a military veteran for notarization of an claim or application for a pension, compensation, or any other veteran's benefit.

Loan Document Signing Agent Services

The multiple papers signed at the end of a real estate transaction with a mortgage (loan or refinance) are often called “Loan Docs.” 

An Escrow or Title Company, on behalf of the Lender, may arrange to send these Docs directly to a Buyer, or they may contact a Loan Signing Agent.  

When contracted by an Escrow or Title Company, the Signing Agent is required to print two sets of the Docs (one copy to be signed and one for the Buyer's reference; often up to 150-200 pages for each set), arrange an appointment and meet with the Buyer, verify the Docs are completed and notarized as required, and return the Docs to the Escrow Company.  


M M Mobile Notaries are also Certified Loan Signing Agents and charge $10 per notary stamp, $.10 per page to be printed and $1 per "fax back" page in addition to the standard travel fee.


All Travel, Mobile Notary and Signing Agent fees are due at time of service regardless of loan status or failure to close.

Travel Fee

Travel fees are not specified by law and the amount varies by Notary Public. 

North San Diego County: 

M M Mobile Notaries charge a flat $10 Travel Fee for locations within a 10 mile radius of the San Marcos City Hall.  This covers most of North San Diego County, including the following cities and communities:




San Marcos


For other locations: 

20 mile zone  

Cities between an 11-20 mile radius from San Marcos' City Hall have a flat $20 Travel fee. These communities include:

Black Mountain



Carmel Valley

Del Mar

Fairbanks Ranch


Mira Mesa



Pendleton South


Rancho Bernardo

Rancho Peñasquitos

Rancho Santa Fe

Sabre Springs

Scripps Ranch

Solana Beach

Sorrento Valley

Valley Center 

Mountain Zone (MZ): 
Due to the additional time required to drive through the local mountains, there is an additional $20 Mountain Zone charge for some communities; for example: Ramona is within the 20 mile zone, but it takes much longer to get there, so the Travel fee for Ramona is  $40 (20mi Zone + MZ).


In the event we are unable to notarize your document(s), all Travel and Mobile Notary fees still apply and are due at time of service. 



Other Fees


    •    Printing - $.10 per page

    •    Faxes - $1 per page
    •    Excessive Waiting Time (½ hr or more) - $40 per ½ hour
    •    Insufficient Funds - $25 each

    •    Late fees:  All payment expected at time of service.  Agreed upon exceptions must be paid in full within 30 days.  Late payments will incur a minimum $10 late fee.



For more information or


to set up a convenient appointment,

please contact us at 


(760) 798-9666




Government Code section 8211 specifies the maximum fees that may be charged for notary public services. However, a notary public may decide to charge no fee or an amount that is less than the maximum amount prescribed by law. The charging of a fee and the amount of the fee charged is at the discretion of the notary public or the notary public’s employer, provided it does not exceed the maximum fees. The notary public is required to make an entry in the notary public journal even if no fee was charged, such as “no fee” or “0.” (Government Code section 8206) Exceptions: 1) Pursuant to Government Code section 8203.6, no fees shall be collected by notaries public appointed to military and naval reservations in accordance with 8203.1; 2) Pursuant to Elections Code section 8080, no fee shall be collected by notaries public for verifying any nomination document or circulator’s affidavit; 3) Pursuant to Government Code section 6106, no fee shall be collected by a notary public working for a public entity for services rendered in an affidavit, application, or voucher in relation to the securing of a pension; 4) Pursuant to Government Code section 6107, no fee may be charged to a United States military veteran for notarization of an application or a claim for a pension, allotment, allowance, compensation, insurance, or any other veteran’s benefit; and 5) Pursuant to Government Code section 8211(d) no fee can be charged to notarize signatures on vote by mail ballot identification envelopes or other voting materials.  
(Notary Handbook, California Secretary of State, January 2016, p.18) 
Assembly Bill 2217 amended California Government Code section 8211 to increase the amounts that notaries public may charge as of January 1, 2017 to the following:  $15 for basic notarizations including acknowledgements, oaths or affirmations, powers of attorney, etc.  In addition, $30 may be charged for taking depositions, plus $7 for administering the oath as well as $7 for the deposition certificate.
(California Legislative Information​, AB2217)
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